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Residential PROJECT

West End Lane, Essendon, AL9

This project incorporated converting a barn, that had been languishing for years providing nothing but storage for old furnitures, into a nice family home. With some clever engineering, temporary propping was installed to support the roof whilst the walls were removed and a steel frame installed before the walls were rebuilt. Superior quality joinery can be seen throughout the new building with high performing windows, staircases and supporting beams. Much of the original features of the supporting beams have been kept internally to give the new home, the cosy and homely feel. The majority of the time was spent designing the interior of the house. The planning included the huge living spaces, access to maximum natural light and comfortable ceiling heights. All the rooms within the building shows the master tradesmen skill and utmost planning, desing and care.

Budget: £975,000.00
Timeframe: 49 weeks
Completion: 2014